It's time to see, once and for all, what the Cybertruck can really do!

Measure up to multiple challengers, test your skills in different settings and environments, upgrade your truck and take down the competition in one epic tug-of-war.

  • Multiple environments to evolve in (mountain, desert, snow, tunnel, racing track, Mars (yes, the planet!), and many more surprises to come)
  • Give your Cybertruck a makeover (or two!)
  • Boost your motor, increase your traction and add weight to your Cybertruck in order to defeat your enemies
  • Try to beat your best time in every level

Recharge and play!

Your Cybertruck may be strong, but it'll still need some time to recharge once in a while.

  • Just like in real life, your car will lose energy with each showdown, so you'll have to recharge from time to time in order to keep going.
  • Head to the garage to get an exclusive look at your Cybertruck while it's charging and get an extra boost thanks to your supercharger.
  • While you're there, ride the Cyberquad and try your hand at a minigame that will allow you to earn even more energy for your Cybertruck!

Upgrade and conquer

  • Earn money

    With each win, you'll earn more coins, which will allow you to unlock different upgrades.

  • Motor

    Go from a single motor to a dual or even a tri motor for some added power!

  • Traction

    Add more traction to your car to make your wheels really stick to the road!

  • Weight

    Add more weight to your truckload and give your opponent a run for his money!

  • Wraps

    Change the appearance of you car to match your current mood!

  • More to come

    Be on the lookout for more amazing upgrades to be released regularly!